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How it started:
Early in 2019 I was approached by a publisher who was looking for an illustrator to illustrate a book in a series and match the characters created by a previous illustrator who didn't wish to continue with the series. I was able to jump in and illustrate Parker Plum and the Journey through the Catacombs, which was almost immediately followed by Parker Plum and the Intergalactic Space Detective.
How it's going:
In 2020 I was able to connect with Adam Loveless and illustrate my third children's book, Everywhere. After three children's books, I feel like I have a solid grasp of the process, both with a publisher and in a self-publishing space. If you are looking to bring your vision to life, I would love to help you get that book from idea to reality.
The Process
Everything starts with the manuscript. How do you want to break the book up by pages? Do you have any descriptions of characters written into the story or do you have a vision for them? Once we have the book broken up into pages, I can create black and white sketches for each page for your approval. When everything is approved, we move onto the most exciting part - colorization!

Finally, the pages are formatted for print. If you need me to add the text, I'm happy to do it. And then it's off to print, and before you know it, we will have created a book together.

In the past, this process has taken 4-6 months, but this is entirely dependent on the content and number of pages to your work. My illustration style and medium is very flexible. I love working in Procreate for digital illustration because of the edibility it affords me, but a lot of people prefer the watercolor look which is something I do often. I'd love to discuss your project and the pros and cons of all methods to find the best fit for your vision.

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